Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Late Update!

Hey gang its almost the end of the month but I wanted to finish my posting about Wizard World etc.
Here is our table from the convention, Greg, Ryan, Colin, and I had lot of fun convincing patrons to buy our wears.  It was pretty slow because we ended up with a terrible spot that had next to no traffic.  I had some new stuff but didn't get to sell much. Don't know if it was the wrong crowed or the bad spot we had.

Anyways on another note ASTL was the next weekend. I spent the whole con in the Tabletop room this time playing Weiss and Vanguard with friends.  Even got to sell a few of the Trial Decks we made to get people interested in the game.  I also made my way over to the doll panel for some good fun with all my BJD friends. I even borrowed some of my friends clothes to take some photos of Mari and Saara with.

Now I'm back at work doing the same ol same ol thing of drawing peoples caricatures.  That as well has been really good so far this year. Cant wait to see what the summer will be like with our great start we are having this early season.

My last update will be of the playmate I made for the 40% off sale from One is of Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata an anime series I posted about earlier. The next is a cologe of most of my favorite female characters having a party and playing Dreamcast. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wizard World STL

Hey gang in just a few short hours well be kicking off Wizard World STL.  Greg and I stopped by the booth today to set up a few racks and get thing going for tomorrow. Every thing should be all set to get going. So come down and visit Colin, Greg, Ryan, and I at our both located at c49 ArtbyMike &CO.

Se ya there!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter 2014

Ok well now I guess I should Start posting about all of this seasons shows.  I'll Start with Log Horizon which was actually a carryover from last season but somehow I forgot about it. Maybe I was hoping it would be a long running series like Naruto? Anyway It just ended and Was it ever amazing! It follows the same sub plot as SAO where people are stuck in a game. however there are allot of differences. One being the game their stuck in was actually a regular MMO like we play today where you just control an avatar with your PC. So they did allot of cool things at the beginning where the characters had to get used to doing all there techniques by instinct instead of filtering through menus.

I'm not going to go into a long boring summery of the whole season I'll just go into what I liked about it.  First of all It did a great job with keeping me interested with more then just battle scenes as we learned about the lore of the world ans well as the NPCs that live on the land.  At first I wasn't really into the show as much as some of my other friends, but when they switched from fighting to espionage and battle strategies I was hooked. There is allot in this Anime for people who are looking for more than just random battles.

Next up Is SAKI, which is actually in its second/ third season. I only say it like that because the second season followed a random group of players as they went through the Mahjong world.  But this season follows the main group again as the make it to Tokyo for the High School team Tournaments.  You know me a sucker for random sports anime, and this is it + cute lolis to look at.  Because it follows the female circuit all the teams are made up of all girl groups from around Japan.  It also makes Mahjong seem like a really fun game to play. I'm sure real people don't have the random powers the girls in this show have, but its still really cool to watch.
As for shows that aired this season I'll start with Wake Up, Girls! or WUG! This is a really great anime made by the same people that did The Idolm@ster. It follows 7 girls as they become Idols in some random small town. Best part the show is based on an actual Idol group with the same name. Now I'm sure the stuff they go through in the anime is not what they went through in real life to become Idols. However the show is good on its own.  It actually started as a Movie that Aired last year and showed the girls getting together. I watched that after seeing the first episode and was pleased with the result. In short its a great music themed anime for people who where fond of the Idolm@ster and Love Live animes.
Not much to say about this next anime Sakura Trick. Its mainly about two girls who go to a school that will be closing in 3 yrs. so there will be no new freshmen after them. So they decide to make their own memories in the school by pretty much making out every where they can, and any chance they get. While its practically just a fan service anime some of the side characters and random running gags are pretty fun.
Another show was Engaged to the Undefined.  Its mainly about a girl who was saved by a boy when she was younger and somehow is now expected to marry him.  The show pics up as they are starting freshman year in high school. This show has allot of really funny characters that I like. While Sakura trick was complete service, this anime had allot more of the other stuff going for it. Specialty the standard loli character was really and got allot of screen time in this anime as she was the main driving force of the engagement. Again really good series and I'd recommend it to anyone.
They last show I watched this season it Recently, my Sister is Unusual. This very fan service heavy anime is about a girl who gets possessed by an angel and is gifted with a chastity belt.  Again not much to say about this anime as its purely service, as the girl and the angel make out allot as well. Again has its funny bits but really just service.

Honorable Mentions:
Now as that was pretty much all I watched this season not including the carryovers I did start a few shows I may go back too after they finish. Those are Zveta, Plot; Wizard Barristers; Super Sonico; Nisekoi; and D-Frag, except I may skip that last one all together. Anyway watch these shows when you got time! Enjoy pyons!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Current Long running or carry over Anime Series! 2014

Hey guys I know I said I was gunna do this earlier but I've finally gotten down to it. Well I know I was gunna post individually about all the current shows I've been into this season but I think I'll just make another big post of all the current long running and carry over shows from last season.

First off is my all time favorite show Detective Conan. Yes im sure everyone already knows I love this show and is wondering why I would bother to past about it. Well theirs good news another sub team has picked it up and I can now continue watching my favorie show.  Check it out if you got time, comes Highly recomended by me.
Another show I've been Watching for a few years now is HunterXHunter. I'm sure a few of you has heard me talk about this show from time to time. Its a really great series that actually started back in the 90s as a manga.  They also started its own series back then as well, however the origional manga creater got sick so much they had to cancel the series.  When I heard they where picking it back up back in 2011 i was verry excited. Actually I assumed the where just going to start from where they had left off before. Well to my suprise they desided to start from the begining. At first I was not to thrilled as I had just watched the entire thing a few years back.  But after the first episode wich showed new advanced art and faster passed storytelling I didnt have a problem with the new adaptation.

The story follows Gon Freecs as he travels the world looking for his father. To do so he must first become a Hunter wich is a world renound adventurer of sorts that has access to alot of thing normal people dont.  On his jorney he meets his new best friend Killua, who happens to be a member of a family of assasins. He also meets two others, Leorio and Kurapika. They all become greak friends and pass the hunter exam together.

Afterward they go on various adventures looking for Gons father, wont spoil it too much but I do really enjoy the series. I would probably still be reading it as well if the release of each issue wasn't so inconsistent.
Another long running series is Space Brothers.  Now unfortunately I didn't actually start this show till this year, but it does have nearly 100 episodes which puts its start date maybe a season or two after HunterXHunter.  I do really enjoy it though.

It follows two brothers who want to land on the moon. The main Character Muta is a car salesman who is fired from his job for headbutting his boss who made fun of his astronaut brother. Which brings us to Hibito, Mutas younger brother and Japaneese astronaut in line to be the first Japaneese man on the moon.  After Muta gets fiered his brother sighns him up for the upcomming astronaut exam. This story really goes through alot of what it takes to be an astronaut in our time. Using alot of the same stuff people go through now to become Astronauts.

Anyways another good watch.
 Now for shows That only just started last season and may be only 2 seasons long. First is Golden time. I didnt start watching this right away but I did grow to like it. It follow Tata Banri as he starts his first year of Colege. However after High School Graduation 2 yrs. ago he got in a car accident and lost his memory. It mainly follows this girl who is obsest with this guy Tata befrends on his first day at School.  Its mainly about how Tata Banri reacts as some of his memorys come floding back. Specially when he runs into an old classmate that he cant remember but then sudenly starts to realize he had strong fealings for back in HighSchool.

This show is pretty good, not the usually action anime but it is a nice change of pace.
Another great show is Nagi no Asakura. This is very interesting as it follows for school mates who actually happen to live in the sea. It starts as the 4 friends are the only high schoolers left at their small school and are transfered to the school on the surface. It starts a pretty melow drama about school life and boy likes girl who likes other girl etc. But half was theres a time skip but some of the friends are cought in a rift that makes them not age. Very interesting. Not much to say about this without giving alot away so I recomend watch and enjoy!
Now for some sports action! This is Yawa Pedal wich fallows an otaku who loves bike riding. He starts his first year in High school looking to join the anime club, but with no members and no one to join he gets asked to join the Bicicle club because of his skill in riding up hills.  Well after joining he soon learns the ins and outs of bike racing.

This anime is verry fun and I recomend it for people who like those random sports animes but are already watching too many baseball and tennis shows.
Last but definately not least is Ace of Diamonds. Another great Baseball anime to ad to the list of great baseball animes. I go to much into it as it really speaks for itself. I mean really why are baseball animes so good anyways? This follows the team itself more then just the picher and catcher combo of most shows. The main character is a picher though so theres that. Cant really explain it but I love Baseball anime. Watch and Enjoy pyons!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dangerously Smart

Shout out to my pals Mike, Glen, and Sylvester.  Who run the Dangerously Smart pod-cast. They had a special lady well on conventions and asked me to join them and interviewed me from a vendor perspective. Anyways lots of information about upcoming conventions as well as what goes on behind the scenes.  Check it out here:

Enjoy pyon!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hey guys check out some more new stuff in getting finished for comic con next month. I'm always looking around for cil new stuff to make and I think this will be a big hit.

Yep you guessed it tumbler cups. They will be mostly done in the same style as the quote pics however the doctor who cup is the only one with a quote on it. I'll be doing some super heroes as well as the usual anime characters. So look forward to those soon.  Enjoy pyon! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back at the Zoo!

Hey guys so another exciting year of caricatures has begun here at the zoo.  Actually just had a great pre start day of it curtasy of the gray weather we had today. A nice 70ish? degrees with snow tomorrow? Anyways the full season begins Saturday the 15th so get your family and your friends and head on down for some cool animal watching, and don't forget to spend some money at my both as well. Anyways I had some fun today so enjoy pyon!