Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hey gang I know its been a while but.... anyway I started painting controllers.  I just recently opened an etsy account so stop buy and pick up some controllers. Hand painted by me

Monday, April 25, 2016

B/R Sayaka, Kyoko Deck Profile

Well its about time for another deck profile. This time its my Kyoko, Sayaka R/B Madoka Deck! So like usual i'll just go over a few of the decks combos, or you can just watch the video.
The deck has a lot of lvl.0s but nothing really important so I'll start with the main lvl.1 combo. The "Kyoko shares an apple" and "Second year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka" cards work really well at lvl.1 the Kyoko has an on play bond for the Sayaka that gives the Sayaka +1000. This card becomes really powerful if you have two of the Kyokos, making all of your "Second year of Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka" 7500. This becomes a really powerful combo at lvl.1 if you can pull it off. Having zero cost 7500s is great field presence.
The next lvl.1 combo is the "Kyoko Wishes for a Miricale" and "It sure is lonely, being the only one left" climax combo. This is an interesting combo that doesn't really plus on your end but it can help you get some of those pesky Lvl.2 cards off the field. It's especially useful against the new Titans that do crazy stuff at Lvl.2. So when "It sure is lonely, being the only one left" is played into your climax zone you may discard a card from hand to send one of your opponents lvl.2 or lower characters to the waiting room, then during your encore step you send "Kyoko Wishes for a Miricale" to your waiting room. So while you are able to knock down one of your opponents pretentiously hazardous characters off the field you still have to sacrifice your own card in the process.
Now I can go over the lvl.2 combos, starting with the "Howling Kyoko" and "Sayaka fights for Others" combo. Kyoko has a great ability that gives her +1500 if you have a Sayaka card on the field, making her a cool 9500 if you played any Sayaka on the field. However if you play "Sayaka fights for Others" which gives all "Howling Kyokos" +500 and character from hand encore. This makes Kyoko a 10000 which is really helpful at lvl.2 specially if your opponent has been doing early changes into lvl.3. I also use "Magic Girl Appears" which lets me salvage two characters and discard one to make sure I get all the cards I need to complete my late combos.
 Last is my "Kyoko Sakura" change combo with "Kyoko in the Ally" which is your standard draw phase change combo. "Kyoko in the Ally" has an average assist ability that gives +1000 to all characters in front, but when you start your draw phase you can change into "Kyoko Sakura". "Kyoko Sakura" has a great first ability to salvage one character from your waiting room to hand. This starts off a nice combo where you can return your "Kyoko in the Ally" back to your hand. If your lvl.3 you can use it to cycle through "Kyoko Sakura" getting all of them out of your waiting room. When played "Kyoko Sakura" also has a great ability pay two, tap two and give her +2000 with the ability when opponent is reversed send it top of deck. This is great for getting rid of those pesky cards that you don't want your opponent to save.

Well thats about it for my Kyoko, Sakura deck profile. Enjoy the video and i'll see you all later!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

G/B IdolM@ster deck profile

Greetings Weiss players, I have another deck profile for you all. This time its for my G/B IdolM@ster deck. As you can see its similar to the Deck a posted 2 years ago but with a few changes. Again like my Kantai deck this is a non-competitive deck I do however have lots of fun playing it, but that could be said for a lot of Weiss decks. So same format as last time, I will go over a few of the decks combos but have a full deck recipe and profile video posted after.
So the deck runs a lot of basic lvl.0s yet it does have at least one nice combo with the "Eri, Quite Incredulous" and "Producer Ozaki" combo. Eri is your typical 3500 lvl.0 with a penalty hers being to check the top card before your attack phase, if you check a climax you must send another character from the field to WR. This cards effect while seeming really high it really pays off when you group it with "Producer Ozaki".  She is your basic lvl.0 assist with a +500 to all characters in front, but her second is what your really after. When the battle opponent of your "Eri, Quite Incredulous" becomes reversed you may draw a card if you do discard. As you can see this can really help with getting your hand ready for lvl.1 which is really important in this deck, especially since I don't run brainstorms.  Also if your getting extra cards from "Takane in casual clothing" this becomes really helpful.
Now lvl.1 is really where you start doing fun things in this deck. First is the "Ritsuko, Panicking" and "Lots and Lots" climax combo. Ritsuko' effect reads, when you attack if "Lots and Lots" in in your climax area you may pay 2 if so draw up two 2 cards and your opponent draws 1. This combo is surprisingly great it helps with your hand size, and forces your opponent to draw a card. I've had a lot of luck with my opponent drawing a climax when using this effect and because of how its worded they must draw regardless of weather or not you do. So while this cards power is relatively low If you can manage to get it off at least once its a great card. Also the climax is a one stock one soul which gives you an extra stock you might need to pull off the attack while giving you enough damage to side attack with Ritsuko if needed.
The other lvl.1 card that means business is the "Eri Mizutani" and "Eri Inherited Dream" climax change. Eri Mizutani is a rather low power high cost lvl.1 card that really shouldn't be played unless you have the change qu'ed up. She is a 1 cost 5500 base which is almost unplayable however when you play the climax "Precog" you can put her in your clock and search your library for "Eri Inherited Dream". This is an awesome card with a 8000 base but a +500 boost on you opponents turn for every other :music: character on your field. It is however a 1 cost lvl.2 which leaves it with only 1 soul but if played with "Precog" which is a +2 soul climax you should do fine in Damage and if you have your "Kotori Otonashi" on the field boosting +1000 up front you should have no problem keeping her out for the long haul.
The last important card in the deck is actually a lvl.1 event that works well with a lvl.1 character "Takane Shijou" as well as the decks lvl.3 "Azuka Run! Bride". The event "Sidetracked" is actually a couple cards with the same name, some of the cards are from different sets with different effects. The one I chose has the effect [counter] cannot be played if you have no :music: characters, chose one card from your clock and put it in your hand then chose one card from had and put it in clock than choose one character and give it +1500. This card works really well as a way to get any needed card out of your clock as well as either boost a character on your turn for more power of help save a character that might be getting overwhelmed on your opponents turn. Now when you use this card like all sidetracked cards it goes to memory. This is where it helps "Takane Shijou" which is a 0 cost lvl.1 with 4000 power however if you have "Sidetracked" in memory she gets a boost of +2000 which makes her a nice 1 cost 6000 or 0 cost 6000 depending on when you played the event card. Also the boost goes off as soon as the card "sidetracked" hits memory so if your opponent just ses the 5000 and you counter with "sidetracked" she will become an 7500 for the turn, which is really unexpected and could really surprise your opponent. Then when you finally get to Lvl.3 and play "Azuka Run! Bride" "sidetracked" can be used to activate her second effect to send a lvl.2 or lower from your clock to the field, but then you need to replace that card with a card from the top of your library. You then send "sidetracked" from your memory to WR. It's not a great effect but if you happen to have a "Eri Inherited Dream" in your clock this could really help your field.

Well that about sums up this IdolM@ster deck, let me know what you think. How would you play a deck like this? or do you have any suggestions for other budget IdolM@ster decks? While I will be posting alot of decks that anyone could build for relatively low cost, I will get to my competitive decks soon.

Look forward to it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sad day for Baseball Fans...

So I didn't want to talk about this last week but I'm sure most of you anime watchers know Ace of Diamonds ended its run. Oh and what a run it was too. I'm sure you've read my earlier posts about how much I love baseball anime. This one was by far one of the best. With a clear focus on just the players and how the interact, little love side storys and filer in this anime. Just Hard anime Action!

So I guess I'll go over it a bit for the people who haven't had the privilege of watching it. It follows the first year of pitcher Sawamura as he is drafted from his weak middle school team for his unigue "wild" pitch. He enters the field with high hopes of becoming the next Ace but soon finds the great team of Seido High has many a chalengers.  It then moves on to a nice training anime where Sawamura pretty much sits out of the Spring tournament to just "get better". It pays off too because by the time Summer tounament starts Sawamura has earned himself a spot on the main team number 20! He become one of 4 of Seidos pitchers which becomes their great strength as they can swich pitchers at the fly to counter any type of player.

I dont want to spoil the whole show but it's a very exciting baseball anime with little of the love stuff. The love stuff isn't bad per say but sometimes you just want to watch baseball "am I right?"

While this is a great anime that anyone who says the like baseball/anime should watch, I think anyone can really get into this with its great players and background stories.

Please Watch! Diamond no Ace!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Budget Kantai Deck part 2

Hey guys before I review last seasons anime I thought I'd do my detailed review of the Kantai deck I uploaded earlier. I have however changed it a bit by getting rid of some of the grade 2s in favor of the 1st and 2nd Ise class climax combos. After my break-down of the deck I also made a video about the deck that goes over more of the combos as well as a complete deck list.
I will be starting with the grade 0s the main card being "9th Asashio-class Destroyer, Arare" an assist character that adds +500 up front with a second ability tap 2 pay 2 Draw. I find this to be one of the main starter cards in the deck. With the decks low reliance on cost early game you have the recourses to pay this every turn for an extra card. Using this with "3rd Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer, Murasame" and "4th Asashio-class Destroyer, Arashio" will help fix your hand and get you ready for the 1st and 2nd lvls.
 The "1st Akatsuki-class Destroyer, Akatsuki" combo is another of the great early game combos for the deck. Its +2000 power boost will help your lower powered characters in early game stay on the field. It's ability to work at lvls 0 and 1 are essential because of this decks low powered earl cards.
As you can see the deck has a great chain of lvl 0s that help not only build hand but prepare you for the next stages. Another great card is the "2nd Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer, Shigure" lvl change combo. It has a great starting ability that gives it +1500 and character from hand encore if on the field by itself, which makes it an Ideal starting card. It also has an awesome second ability that if you are lvl 1 or higher you can discard a card from hand and move this to waiting room and replace it with "Lucky Destroyer, Shigure-Kai-Ni" from your waiting room."Lucky Destroyer, Shigure-Kai-Ni" has a great ability where when played from hand of waiting room you look at the top card of your opponents deck and if its 1 or higher she gets +1000 power till the end of you opponents turn. 
Some other great grade 1s are "4th Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Haguro" which you can sac when one of your other characters are getting front attacked you can give that character +1500 power. Another is "2nd Myoko-class Heavy Cruiser, Nachi" another great assist that give +1000 up front to your characters on your opponents turn. But it really shies on its second ability that while they did give it to a lvl 0 in the 2nd set, when played pay one and discard to look at the top 4 cards in deck pick one [ship girl] from among them and put it in hand while discarding the rest. While this card does not give you an extra card it does help to fix your hand again getting ready for the next lvls.
Last we have the 1st and 2nd Ise-class climax combos. These are great uncommon + rare combo cards that have a great ability that works well together. Both the Ise and Hyuga grade 2s have an ability that gives +1000 to each as long as the other is also on the field. But the have another ability that works with the climax "Aviation battleship, heading out!" where when the climax is played pay one and put this card into stock then replace it with its counterpart grade 3 Ise turning into Ise-Kai and Hyuga turning into Hyuga-Kai. The grade 3s also have the ability to give +1000 power to each other if they are on the field as well as their own abilities. Ise-Kai can stand herself and another character and swap them with a boost to Ise-kai of +2000 if you discard a character at the start of your opponents attack step. While Hyuga-Kai has the ability when played discard a character from hand to give it the clock kick ability when your opponent is reversed. While the grade 3s lack heal they can get powerful and are great for clearing field.

Well that is my budget Kantai deck, The full card count and more of the stategies will be found in the video. I hope you enjoyed my first full deck profile, I hope to have alot more in the future.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Opening Weekend!

Well Six Flags had its opening weekend last week and was it an interesting one. Friday started quite slow, It looked to be alot of people in the park however the turnout for caricatures was a little weak. I remember last year it was difficult to train the nubs we had gotten so busy. Even the special $20 tickets to enter the park didn't convince more patrons to spend there cash on caricatures. I think we ended the day ok but over all not great.

We did however make up for it with Saturdays Awesome sales. We started that day with a few early sales, and it did slow around lunch time but once it hit 2 o'clock we where on full blast. Our new employee was even able to hold his own against the hoard of guest. I had decided from fridays performance that he was ready to sell full time, and I was right as he work his own till all day. I myself even got to do some drawing at our Blue ribbon booth at the end of the day.

But it all fell apart as Sunday called for rain. Even though it didn't actually start raining till 230 or 3 the damage had already been done as the forecast for the day looked grim. With a low turnout at the park it seemed only natural that it would hit us hard. even our nice covered areas didn't convince the guests getting a caricature was a nice way to stay dry.

All in all I think it was a great weekend. We definitely have a great crew this year and I hope to make lots of money. Maybe even enough to get that BBQ....

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Are we ready yet?

Hey so we are looking at just 2 short days till we open up at Six Flags! Oh man I cant wait to be done setting up and down to just drawing. Anyway Gary, Robin and I got both booths open and ready for artists and customers this weekend by removing the plastic and doing some last minute cleaning. We even added the new prices to the register and setup the umbrellas and various other work necessities.

We also got the Body art stands ready to go, we however wont have the Pandemonium stand ready for at least a couple weeks so we'll have to use the Thunder river stand till its done. The booths however are nice and clean and ready to do arts!
But don't forget we are in full swing at our stand down at the STL Zoo. We are currently only running one stand, but i've got a nice list of new artist ready to work as well as some new pricing we will be trying out for the next few weeks. I wanted to wait till we got our new registers before the price change but the boss man wants us to try the new prices at the Zoo before we start using them at the Flags. Anyway alot of new and exciting stuff going on and we still haven't even set up Grants Farm!

Stay tuned!